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Buying or selling a home, especially your first home, can be a stressful, including determining the condition of your home. Z&S Home Inspections can make your buying or selling experience proceed smoothly by providing you with a detailed Home Inspection.

Not only can an inspection identify major structural and mechanical defects apparent at the time of inspection, but it can inform you of how the home’s systems operate, location of the emergency shut-offs, and ongoing maintenance recommendations. Clients are encouraged to be at the inspection to ask questions and see important facets of the home's systems and structure.

With over 30 years’ experience as a licensed Home Improvement Contractor, Z&S Home Inspections owner Tom Zielinski has knowledge of Maryland Home Inspection Industry Standards and Practices, current testing techniques and products, and continually pursues ongoing continuing education.

Mistakes can occur in new construction too, even with quality builders.  Z&S can provide a Pre-Drywall inspection to double check for errors before your walls and ceilings are closed in. 

Required rental inspections for Baltimore County landlords are also available.

Whether buying, renting or preparing to list a home, Z&S Home Inspections can provide a thorough, informative and impartial inspection to assist with your purchase, rental or sale.                                                                                           

Tom Zielinski, Owner